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Golden Hour

The golden hour before sunset(or sunrise) make for great landscapes
The golden hour before sunset(or sunrise) makes for great (landscape) photographs

We’re still going back in time towards the winter so to speak, this time with one of the more beautiful sunsets I managed to capture at one of my most frequent locations. Friends ask me quite often why I don’t travel to Thailand or [insert random faraway country] and the main reason for that is quite simple:  Continue reading Golden Hour

Solar Storm

Me marveling at the aurora borealis under the star sky.
Me marveling at the aurora borealis under the star sky.

Today I break my 1 image/post rule again, just because I know how much you guys like photographs of the aurora borealis. The aurora was exceptionally active tonight, which resulted in a beautifully lit night sky, regardless of the light pollution. More images after the break.  Continue reading Solar Storm

Summer is over.

Somebody had written the current temperature in the snow but forgot the unit. Shot during sunset (at 14:44).

The whole past week I’ve been quite sick and thus stuck at home. Today however, I could not resist the urge to go out and take some photographs of one of my favourite nearby locations. I remember joking with a client a few weeks ago how we’re both still waiting for this years summer. WELL, I think the wait is over, it’s probably safe to say that there will be no more summer this year. 😉 Continue reading Summer is over.

Photo #119 – Aurora Borealis

Northern lights over the frozen sea

Last night I finally had the chance to shoot some northern lights.
It was my first attempt to photograph that phenomenon, since my first encounter with it in 2005. In the beginning I was quite concerned about the outcome of the shot.
However, despite my concerns, I decided to go “all-in” and not neglect my “foreground-LEDs”, even though everyone on the web recommended complete darkness.
If you enjoy the result as much as I do, please remember to share this post! 🙂

Photo #96 – Vaasa Gerby Startrails p.2

I had another chance to do some startrail shooting before the clouds took over. Gerby/Vaasa

Todays weather conditions, while being far from perfect, enabled me to capture another startrail image.
Even though the temperature was at -18°C, I can’t say that I was happy about the upcoming clouds, which forced me to go home a lot earlier than I had planned.
In this shot I also tried some LED lighting to illuminate the foreground objects.