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Impressions: Turku

People who have met me in person know that I’m rarely if ever going anywhere without my camera, if photography is prohibited I usually either ignore the rule, or if it is enforced, I try to go somewhere else.
And because I always have at least one camera with me, I end up with hundreds of images every day. With my usual approach of an image and a short bit of text to tell the story of the image, most of the stuff I do will never see the light of day. This approach is both good and bad for many reasons on both sides.
However from now on I’ll start using a second method in addition to the usual:
I’ll post a bunch of impressions from a certain place/event/time frame that I like but for whatever reason would not get published otherwise.
Here are a few impressions from my trip to Turku last week:  Continue reading Impressions: Turku

Solar Storm

Me marveling at the aurora borealis under the star sky.
Me marveling at the aurora borealis under the star sky.

Today I break my 1 image/post rule again, just because I know how much you guys like photographs of the aurora borealis. The aurora was exceptionally active tonight, which resulted in a beautifully lit night sky, regardless of the light pollution. More images after the break.  Continue reading Solar Storm

Summer dreams..

Browsing through some of my not so old images.. photographed in July 2012 near Kuopio

During the weekend I have found myself browsing through some of my B and C quality images. And I realised, that the fact about photography, which inspires me the most (If it’s not in the frame, it doesn’t exist), is not limited to a particular photograph, but Continue reading Summer dreams..

Västervik sunset & politics

A swamped boat in the beautiful autumn sunset in Västervik/Vaasa

I shot this image during sunset in the boat harbour of Västervik a few days ago, I liked the different colours of the sea- and “boat”-water, as the sunlight was only partially reflected into the boat and the water in the boat was rather shallow.

If you like my images, please remember to share them with your friends too! They might like them as well. Thanks!

So much for that, next up is a rant about the upcoming municipal elections here in Vaasa, if you’re not from the Vaasa region you can stop reading now.

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