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The end of one journey.. the beginning of another. Although the road may seem linear at times, there are a million turns just waiting to be taken.

With the addition of sundays images to the Wildlife 2012 album, the official part of my documentation of the festival is now finished. In the coming days I will post some additional photographs of the aftermath, because even though the festival is now over and for most people it’s already business as usual, I know that for some of us this last week has changed our lives forever.
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Wildlife Vaasa day 3

The jury of this years Wildlife Vaasa festival in their top secret base camp (from left to right: Ulrike Reetz, Juhani Koivusaari, Nik Van-Eckmann, Lena Karlsson and Oksana Lazareva)

I just uploaded a selection of the 3rd days images to the Wildlife Vaasa 2012 album, and I’ll continue to update it, as I work my way through the massive amount of photographs I created during this past week.
This years Wildlife Vaasa festival is now concluded and even though many of us worked fairly hard, the time flew by unbelievably fast. To give you some numbers: I for my part have been working ~92h(~18h/d on average) during the last 5 days with friday and saturday being the hardest at 22h/day. So far I have shot 5245 frames of the festival this year, which is roughly half of my initial target of 10000 frames. However, I’m not completely done yet. Continue reading Wildlife Vaasa day 3

T -0 days

Ilias Missyris appreciating a quiet moment after a lo-oong day of work (07:00 – 02:00) after escorting the last festival guest of the night from the airport to the hotel.

Yesterday was a busy day beginning with a press conference in the Ostrobothnian museum leading up to countless trips to the airport to pick up guests of the festival from the airport and escorting them to the hotel.
But the highlight of the day was when we had an interesting scheduling conflict. Continue reading T -0 days