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One man festival

On Friday I arrived in Stockholm and what was supposed to be an easy and relaxing day, quickly turned into the exact opposite. From the morning to the early evening I just spend my time wanderng up and down the streets, looking for interesting subjects and having a random chat here and there. Later, around 20:30, I was looking for a restaurant to have a quick bite, but when I encountered Mareks Radzevičs, a music student from Latvia, I was instantly blown away – and so were many more.

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Group shot of our awesome hosts, the crew and of course Nadine the cyclist
Group shot of our awesome hosts, the crew and of course Nadine the cyclist

Last Wednesday we were at the B&B Uniaitta in Laikko. It was a great experience we made many new friends and had a wonderful time together. Surprisingly the family has roots in both Germany as well as Finland just like me and one of their sons is also called Jan. It was quite hilarious how always two heads turned whenever someone called “Jan..”. 😀 Continue reading Laikko

Impressions: Turku

People who have met me in person know that I’m rarely if ever going anywhere without my camera, if photography is prohibited I usually either ignore the rule, or if it is enforced, I try to go somewhere else.
And because I always have at least one camera with me, I end up with hundreds of images every day. With my usual approach of an image and a short bit of text to tell the story of the image, most of the stuff I do will never see the light of day. This approach is both good and bad for many reasons on both sides.
However from now on I’ll start using a second method in addition to the usual:
I’ll post a bunch of impressions from a certain place/event/time frame that I like but for whatever reason would not get published otherwise.
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