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Party birds

“oh.. hi!”

Yesterday I was visiting the Wildlife Vaasa office in order to make some plans for the upcoming festival. Or at least that was my intention. I ended up witnessing hundreds of bohemian waxwings getting wasted “next door”. Below you’ll find a short series of photos where one of those birds attempts to get just one more of those delicious berries.
(I’m not going to reveal any details about the festival yet, as I’m actually not sure what I’m allowed to share at this point in time etc..)
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Hanging out with the gang

my gang and I enjoying the sunset (more images below) Västervik/Vaasa

A few days ago I was driving around on my bike, searching for cool new locations, when I encountered these ladies. In order to avoid scaring them away, I tried my best to approach them very slowly. Eventually I managed to lure them close enough that I could have touched them, but instead I grabbed my cameras and took a bunch of photos at various angles.  Continue reading Hanging out with the gang

Photo #119 – Aurora Borealis

Northern lights over the frozen sea

Last night I finally had the chance to shoot some northern lights.
It was my first attempt to photograph that phenomenon, since my first encounter with it in 2005. In the beginning I was quite concerned about the outcome of the shot.
However, despite my concerns, I decided to go “all-in” and not neglect my “foreground-LEDs”, even though everyone on the web recommended complete darkness.
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