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Windy nights

Stars, northern lights, and a giant flashing light during the night in Öjen/Vaasa

Last week I destroyed my right shoulder in a bike crash, but when I heard of possible northern lights yesterday evening, I decided to ignore the cloudy forecast and the aching shoulder and ventured out to Öjen to get a new view of the not-so-new-anymore wind power plant against the night sky. Continue reading Windy nights

Wind Energy in Finland – Now and Then

My first photo exhibition here in Vaasa: “Wind energy in Finland – then and now” brought to you by the Vaasa city library and the Wildlife Vaasa festival

I’m very happy to announce the start of the Wildlife Vaasa festivals special events beginning on Monday November 5th at 18.00 with the opening of my photo exhibition:
“Wind Energy in Finland – Now and Then”
The exhibition venue is the Vaasa City Library.
Time period: November 3-29, Welcome!

Updated 2.11.2012

Northern Nights

Northern lights in the nightsky in Västervik/Vaasa

This image from my recent night trip is another shot of the northern lights – this time as seen in the actual night sky, as opposed to the early sunrise in my previous post. The colours are a little less dramatic, but in my opinion still don’t lack in beauty.
The foreground was illuminated by a few LEDs.

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Purple Haze

Northern lights firing up the misty sunrise(nautical) in Västervik/Vaasa

Instead of sleeping I decided to walk around my neighbourhood and in the city of Vaasa.
The weather was seemingly boring at first, but the ambience was amazing, resulting in a bunch of great images. Continue reading Purple Haze