Something (not so) special

copyright: Jan Vehrenkamp
Northern lights over the graveyard of Vaasa

Todays photograph is inspired by a conversation I had with a spanish filmmaker during this years Wildlife Vaasa festival. He had travelled all the way from Spain to Finland to see and capture the northern lights and when the festivals manager introduced us, he mentioned, that I have also managed to get some good shots of the aurora.
I said something along the lines of: “Yea, but it’s not that special. I’m more interested in the milky way, it’s much harder to capture.”
To which the guy from Spain replied laughing, that for him it’s the exact opposite.
That wasn’t really news to me, but somewhere along the road I must have ignored it and when I saw his reaction to my ignorance it was a much needed wake up call, to keep going out and capture all the beauty life throws at us, even if it doesn’t seem all that special at the time. So when I got a text containing the word “auroras”, I quickly checked the map for an at least mildly interesting location not too far away and headed out into the night.

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