Damn Seagulls in Vaasa 26.9.2014

Here are some photos of the Damn Seagulls gig at the Doo-Bop Club in Vaasa last friday:

I dragged a bunch of friends to see the performance of the Damn Seagulls, a band I had known for only 3 days, in Vaasa last friday.
As it happened a long lost friend found me on facebook after roughly 12 years and when I checked out his profile I noticed him still playing in a band. A quick google search didn’t only immediately hook me on one of their tracks but also revealed that they’d be coming to Vaasa in just 3 days.
Being on the road most of the year, I don’t have any current location listed on facebook, which meant that my old buddy had no clue where in the world I was and it was pure coincidence that he found me just 3 days ahead of their trip to Vaasa.  Before the gig we had the chance to catch up really quick and I introduced myself to the other band members very briefly, asking how close I could come to take some photos during the show.
“As close as you want.”
I’m not sure whether or not they came to regret that statement, because as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I ran onto the stage to fire a quick burst from the stage into the audience and while the light was far less than optimal for such a shot and for many the resulting image might contain too much noise, I’m still relatively happy with the outcome.
When they finally played my two favorite songs, I went completely nuts, the vibe was simply amazing and afterwards the frontman just stated:
“You are the craziest photographer I have ever seen.”
The crowd laughed in joy. I took it as a compliment.
It was a great night, so many good friends and memories, both old and new.

(Click on any of the images to enlarge them and browse by clicking the arrows or by using the arrow ←→keys.)

TL;DR: Reconnected with an old friend after 12years and took a bunch of friends to see the gig of the band he plays in and had my mind blown.

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