Archive Sunday: Predatory Instincts

"Don't play with your food? Why?!"
“Don’t play with your food? Why?!”

I haven’t had much time to spend with our cats lately, but as some of my readers keep asking me about them, I thought to go back to my archives and look for some unpublished works to start a new series: The Archive Sunday

"Well, go ahead then -- eat it."
“Well, go ahead then — eat it.”

In this series I’ll occasionally go back a few thousand photographs and pick out some old gems, that most of you haven’t seen before.

As I started out by photographing pets¹,
I used a lot of my spare time to practice with our cats, and it was quite interesting.
Not only did I learn a lot about animal behaviour — things that I otherwise probably never would’ve learned, no matter how obvious they were at times — but the cats have made quite some progress too. What started with the odd vole every now and then quickly turned into a professional pest control/hunting service. Today you might find a dead hare of the approximately same size as the hunting cat on our doorstep.
So — just in case you’re hungry..

Our cat Mimmu was very proud of this equally sized catch.
Our cat Mimmu was very proud of this equally sized catch.
¹Now that I think of it, I realise that the very first photographs I took with my first own camera were of cats too. Actually they were more blurry shadows than cats, unlike today we couldn’t photograph black cats in coal mines back then.

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