Summer is over.

Somebody had written the current temperature in the snow but forgot the unit. Shot during sunset (at 14:44).

The whole past week I’ve been quite sick and thus stuck at home. Today however, I could not resist the urge to go out and take some photographs of one of my favourite nearby locations. I remember joking with a client a few weeks ago how we’re both still waiting for this years summer. WELL, I think the wait is over, it’s probably safe to say that there will be no more summer this year. 😉
I also found it funny how somebody had written “-14°”[C] in the snow, and how the text turned blue as if the text knew that it was cold.
(The color shift was because of the not yet frozen water below.)
The fact that I’ve been ill didn’t help on captioning the Wildlife 2012 photographs either.
But at least there’s only saturday and sunday left to work on.
Make sure to check out the album, if you haven’t done it yet and come back soon!

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