The end of one journey.. the beginning of another. Although the road may seem linear at times, there are a million turns just waiting to be taken.

With the addition of sundays images to the Wildlife 2012 album, the official part of my documentation of the festival is now finished. In the coming days I will post some additional photographs of the aftermath, because even though the festival is now over and for most people it’s already business as usual, I know that for some of us this last week has changed our lives forever.
One of the more special things about this experience for me personally was, that everybody came along not fine, but great. Usually there are at least a few persons who don’t get along – not this time.
We have made friends with very exceptional personalities from all around the world. Unfortunately due to the limited amount of time, I didn’t have time to get to know half of you as much as I would have liked to, but nevertheless I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet and at least scratch the surface.
I think it’s also safe to say that we lived and enjoyed every split second during the last week. For me personally the last one and a half weeks felt like a year – or two.¹

As for the image that I chose for todays posting:
It was taken just a minute after I dropped off the last guests for that night at the hotel, which marked the end of the festival for me.²

It illustrates life in all it’s facets.
Sometimes it may seem like you are stuck on a path going only one way – straight to hell.
Small lights guide you down the path that is sometimes dark and at times light.
But if you look closely you’ll realize that, even though we will all end up buried in one way or the other, the road is far from linear.
There are a million possible turns everywhere, just waiting to be taken by you – and you alone.

I would like to once again thank all of you for participating in this festival and for inspiring me in ways I could not even imagine before.
Thank you for helping me to see those turns, I hope you yourself see them too!

¹(Because there was so much action going on all the time.)

²(Despite the fact that I got to hang out for one more day with the artist Kiro Urdin and two more days with Jakub and Jiri – the Czech reinforcements.)

ps. Those that know me might wonder: “I thought you didn’t crop your work!?”
I envisioned this image with the 1:1 aspect ratio in mind before taking it, so it had to have the sides chopped off. Besides, I like breaking rules. 😉

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