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Ilias Missyris appreciating a quiet moment after a lo-oong day of work (07:00 – 02:00) after escorting the last festival guest of the night from the airport to the hotel.

Yesterday was a busy day beginning with a press conference in the Ostrobothnian museum leading up to countless trips to the airport to pick up guests of the festival from the airport and escorting them to the hotel.
But the highlight of the day was when we had an interesting scheduling conflict.Just after we had ordered some food in the IKARIA restaurant, we noticed two different times for the same flight on the note for the airport-gigs.
The note stated 19:15 and 19:45 as arrival times for the plane, with 19:15 turning out to be the correct time, while the actual time was already 19:00, meaning we were most likely going to be late at the airport. So we asked the restaurant owner to keep the food warm, while we were to hurrying back to the airport.
He was a bit puzzled at first but agreed. We headed to the airport, picked up the guests from China just in time and when we finally made it back to the restaurant, the food was perfect. After enjoying our meal, Ilias and I drove Olga Terentieva who had been accompanying us almost by accident for half of the night home, before roaming around the city for a while, waiting for the last plane to land at the Vaasa airport and bring an end to a long day of work.
Though for me the day was not yet over. I had to edit my way through 550+ images of the day, before I granted myself a few hours of sleep.

Now I’m looking forward to a nice festival opening in a few hours and until then, you can check out the Wildlife Vaasa 2012 album for a detailed view on yesterdays events(97 photos)!

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