T – 2 days

Vesa Heinonen(l.) and Ilias Missyris(r.) picking up jury member Ulrike Reetz from the Vaasa airport.

Today Ulrike Reetz from Hamburg arrived in Vaasa and the jury is now only missing Oksana Lazareva, who will arrive tomorrow from St. Petersburg. 
The first encounter with Ulrike was quite interesting, as she didn’t recognize me behind my camera and I only lowered the camera for a split second, before quickly taking a shot of her reaction: “Oh! It’s THIS guy! ..”
For me personally it felt a little like traveling back in time, as the encounter with Ulrike was almost exactly the same as last year during the nature film week, when she also visited us here in Vaasa. During the day we were also notified that Mr. Oliver Goetzl will also join us for the festival, which is another very pleasant surprise.
Welcome back!

Now it’s time to get a few hours of sleep, before the pace will increase even further, as we expect a lot more guests tomorrow and I’m already very anxious to meet all of them!

PS. Make sure to check out the Wildlife 2012 album I created for my coverage of the festival for an in-depth view on the events of the day from a unique behind the scenes perspective!

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