Wildlife Vaasa Festival 2012

Ilias Missyris welcoming Jiri Slavik and Jakub Janča (front) from the Czech Republic to Vaasa and the 2012 Wildlife Vaasa festival

Even though this years Wildlife Vaasa festival is only beginning on Wednesday, behind the scenes it’s already getting very exciting. On sunday we welcomed the first international guests Jiri Slavik and Jakub Janča from the Czech Republic, who’ll be assisting with various tasks during the festival. 
As for me personally, I’m going to trash my life for a week and to try to provide an as in-depth coverage of the festival as possible. I’m still not 100% certain about the way I’m going to publish the content, but I think it’s safe to say, that you can expect about as much (if not more) content as I have posted during the whole time since I started this blog. Stay tuned!

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