Windy nights

Stars, northern lights, and a giant flashing light during the night in Öjen/Vaasa

Last week I destroyed my right shoulder in a bike crash, but when I heard of possible northern lights yesterday evening, I decided to ignore the cloudy forecast and the aching shoulder and ventured out to Öjen to get a new view of the not-so-new-anymore wind power plant against the night sky.
After a few hours of roaming around the area, looking for a good angle, I suddenly found myself once again stuck in a dark, half-frozen swamp. It took me quite a while to get across the area, as the big flashing light of the power plant prevented my eyes from adapting to the darkness, yet the flash duration was too short to make out anything else than the rotors of the power plant. (How about using a red light?!)
However, I eventually found a nice spot and got lucky with the clouds too.
For a couple of minutes the sky opened up just enough for me to be able to see some nice northern lights and the beautiful star sky.
Wondering why the clouds are orange? Light pollution.

If you’re interested in more images like this and live in the Vaasa area, make sure to visit the Vaasa city library, where the library and the Wildlife Vaasa festival are hosting a small collection of my works until Nov 29th.

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