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XES 27.9.2015 and what I’ve been up to

Here are a few images from XES’ last Sundays performance in the Yellow House in Tampere.
It was a great show and if you’d like to check them out yourself, you can do so this Saturday at Teatteri Telakka at 22:00.

On a side note:
I’ve been asked quite often why I haven’t updated my blog in a while, and the reason for that is actually quite simple. I’ve always run this project as more of a hobby in my spare time and after last years Wildlife Festival I have dedicated most of my spare time to my long lost passion of music and I have since picked up playing the saxophone.
Oh and in case you didn’t notice, I moved my base of operations to Tampere, because – well – it’s by far the best place to be. 😉

PJ5 in Vaasa 8.11.2014

Here are some photographs from the awesome PJ5 gig a while back. Go check them out at! Enjoy!

My friend Alex and I hung out for a while both before and after the gig, which was a lot of fun and very inspiring.

(Click on any of the images to enlarge them and browse by clicking the arrows or by using the arrow ←→keys.)

Damn Seagulls in Vaasa 26.9.2014

Here are some photos of the Damn Seagulls gig at the Doo-Bop Club in Vaasa last friday:

I dragged a bunch of friends to see the performance of the Damn Seagulls, a band I had known for only 3 days, in Vaasa last friday.
As it happened a long lost friend found me on facebook after roughly 12 years and when I checked out his profile I noticed him still playing in a band. Continue reading Damn Seagulls in Vaasa 26.9.2014